Yay BMC Earth Day!

BMC Earth Day Earth Day Poster

We made it!On April 20th, Greens and our beloved campus environmental groups came together and presented a fabulous Earth Day with whole lots of fun activities!

Did you join the Garden spring planting?  Did you make pickles with Sustainability Food Committee?  Heard the live band performance at Wyndham Parking Lot?  We were there!

It’s the first time that all the environmental groups on campus came to collaborate for a big event. Greens coordinated the two meetings, and everyone gave fantastic ideas and advice.  And ——it makes a difference!

While the tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce⋯⋯and everything in Garden starts growing, let’s enjoy the rest of  Spring 2013, and look forward to new steps next Fall!

Before that, May Day and strawberries are coming-Keep calm and Mwarter on!


Minutes 2013 March 06

Greens Meeting 3-6-13

Bike Co-Op:
-Need waivers to start a bike share/have a major bike ride
-Talk to Jerry Berenson (Chief Administrative Officer) or Jo
-Planning to coordinate an April bike ride (critical mass)

Big Green Earth Day Meeting:

-Recycling Committee – Katherine Marcoux
-Sustainability Leadership Committee – Meg
-Sustainable Food Committee – Karen
-Garden Committee – Sofia
-Bike Co-op – Rebecca
-Earth Justice League – Meg (email Eva and Jacinda)
-Beekeeping – Michaela

Also invite The College News, Bi-Co News to cover events
Contact acapella groups to sing
Acabellas – Michaela

After Break!! Mission Possible: How to Contact Your Representative: hosted by Dems and Greens? And others?
-Non-partisan event focuses on how to contact your governmental representative and be engage with governmental activities

Minutes 2012 December 05

Greens Meeting 12-5-12


Saturday, December 8th at 1pm – Bike Repair Workshop in Rhodes Basement :)


Rose or Thorn of semester:

Solidifying the mission of Greens

More organized this year – more focused as a group


Upcoming series of meetings with all green groups around campus


Ideas for next semester:


-Get together around food with Greens and Batten House :)

-Food week??

-Once-a-month get together with all other green groups around campus

-Workshop with Fem-Co?? EJL??

-Doing some kind of contest around green stuff

Something like “I need environmentalism because…”

Photo contest of people doing green stuff – hugging a tree, etc

Or something else

-Help give the senior cocktails a green theme


Brainstorming Ideas for the BIG Green Groups Meeting


-Have each group talk about what they view as their role on campus in terms on environmentalism; their mission as a group; their projects

-Doing feedback of sorts to other green groups

-Split into smaller groups and do an activity around brainstorming a project?


-Invite groups that fall outside of traditional “green” groups

Sisterhood, Mujeres, BACaSO, Fem Co, religious groups


Green groups and who will reach out to them:

Batten – Karen

Beekeeping – Michaela

Bike Co-Op – Becca and Melanie

Campus Greening Rep (works directly with Ed Harmon on Grounds) – Maiya

Earth Justice League – Meg

Environmental Studies minor group (Ellen, Maggie, Hannah Rosebrock, Jacinda, Ellie) – Meg



Recycling Committee – April

Sustainability Leadership Group – Michaela

Sustainability Intern – Michaela

Sustainable Food Committee – Karen

Minutes 2012 November 28



On FRIDAY, Jenny Price – an environmental art activist out of LA – will be leading an art expedition tour around campus! Tomorrow, we will send out more detailed


On SATURDAY, the Earth Justice League will be having an ACTION starting with a training at 9 am in the Campus Center and then heading over to the PNC bank in Bryn Mawr around 9:45 am to tell the bank why we think they need to stop funding mountaintop removal coal mining. It will be an action focused around how MTR coal mining destroys water sources and poisons communities’ water sources.


Bike Co-Op

Started bike mechanic training

Spoke with a library employee (because the previous bike co-op was run through the library) about it, but employee was a bit pessimistic about the longevity of the project because last time, the bikes did not get maintained

Maybe we will be able to integrate the bike co-op into another already established job on campus to ensure longevity?

Basically we need to set up the infrastructure for the bike co-op so the bikes will continue to be maintained

Concerns about liability if people get hurt while riding bike




Next Friday, there will be a “Friends of the Garden” appreciation party from 2-4 PM in the Dorothy Vernon Room!!! J It will be lots of fun and there will be lots of food with a presentation of what happened in the garden this semester! J


On January 29th from 6:30-8:30PM, there will be an ACTIVISM TRAINING led by Yong Jung ’12, a current Green Corps volunteer

What are we interested in learning about at this training?

-Paperless advertising

-These kinds of training can be most useful if lead around a specific campaign

-Maybe we can partner with other green groups (like EJL) to come up with an issue that we can then work on for the semester?

-Work on skill-building: one-to-one interactions; how to run an efficient meeting; how to do 3-finger pushups; how to do 200 pushups; how to do squats on a stability ball; etc.


Big Green Get-Together!

-Get all the “green” groups together next semester and lay the ground-up for it in these last few meetings

-Have training with Yong Jung first, then have the collective meeting the week after

-Who’s invited? Everyone on campus! With specific invitation to green groups

-Should try to include concrete things to do as part of the meeting – not just grand schemes and abstract ideas about “green”

-Bringing in groups that aren’t always associated with environmental issues, like Sisterhood, Mujeres, religious groups, etc.


To Do to prepare for this All Green Group Meeting:

-What is the purpose of this meeting?


-Reach out to the other groups

-Date and place

-Brainstorming for other ideas of possible All Green Group

Minutes 2012 November 14

Gardens Update:

    Mural Painting! MONDAY the 26th from 3-5:30pm!

  • In Norristown with ACPPA – artist coalition
  • Will be a vehicle going over – email Maiya at mzwerling@brynmawr.edu
  •                 Built an HERB SPIRAL! Very exciting and now can grow lots of different herbs that require different environments


REAL FOOD CHALLENGE: THIS WEEKEND! Starts with breakfast at 8:30AM – Dinner at 5pm on Saturday and breakfast at 8:30AM – 4PM on Sunday at HAVERFORD

  • An organization that supports college activism on food justice
  • Food Calculator that tells if food is real or not and calculates how much food in dining halls is real
  • Bring these numbers to the administration and challenge then to have 20% real food by 2020
  • The weekend will be training, activism workshops, etc.
  • Big thing with BMC will be education around food and why things are “real” or not real and why things are changing if we move toward 20% real food
  • Starting point will be assessing where we are at and the possibilities moving forward to get more real food in the dining halls

Update from the Environmental Mixer:

  •                                  Computer that’s set up to monitor the energy use within a building
    • Uses an image of a polar bear to make people turn off lights that aren’t being used and unplug stuff – polar bear drowns if you’re using too much energy
    • Maybe we could set up something like that in dorms??
    •                                 Maybe if it happens again, better facilitation for ice-breakers and opening up discussion topics
    •                                 Some great networking between the schools (ppl from both Haverford and Swat were there J)
    •                                 Ecosphere – at Swat – provide space for representatives from each green club to meet every month and network and communicate
      • Difficult to keep up interest because no specific goal; not moving toward a specific end
      • Bring a topic that is of interest to green clubs – member retention, connections with faculty and staff, bigger voice on campus, etc