Yay BMC Earth Day!

BMC Earth Day Earth Day Poster

We made it!On April 20th, Greens and our beloved campus environmental groups came together and presented a fabulous Earth Day with whole lots of fun activities!

Did you join the Garden spring planting?  Did you make pickles with Sustainability Food Committee?  Heard the live band performance at Wyndham Parking Lot?  We were there!

It’s the first time that all the environmental groups on campus came to collaborate for a big event. Greens coordinated the two meetings, and everyone gave fantastic ideas and advice.  And ——it makes a difference!

While the tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce⋯⋯and everything in Garden starts growing, let’s enjoy the rest of  Spring 2013, and look forward to new steps next Fall!

Before that, May Day and strawberries are coming-Keep calm and Mwarter on!


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