Minutes 2012 November 14

Gardens Update:

    Mural Painting! MONDAY the 26th from 3-5:30pm!

  • In Norristown with ACPPA – artist coalition
  • Will be a vehicle going over – email Maiya at mzwerling@brynmawr.edu
  •                 Built an HERB SPIRAL! Very exciting and now can grow lots of different herbs that require different environments


REAL FOOD CHALLENGE: THIS WEEKEND! Starts with breakfast at 8:30AM – Dinner at 5pm on Saturday and breakfast at 8:30AM – 4PM on Sunday at HAVERFORD

  • An organization that supports college activism on food justice
  • Food Calculator that tells if food is real or not and calculates how much food in dining halls is real
  • Bring these numbers to the administration and challenge then to have 20% real food by 2020
  • The weekend will be training, activism workshops, etc.
  • Big thing with BMC will be education around food and why things are “real” or not real and why things are changing if we move toward 20% real food
  • Starting point will be assessing where we are at and the possibilities moving forward to get more real food in the dining halls

Update from the Environmental Mixer:

  •                                  Computer that’s set up to monitor the energy use within a building
    • Uses an image of a polar bear to make people turn off lights that aren’t being used and unplug stuff – polar bear drowns if you’re using too much energy
    • Maybe we could set up something like that in dorms??
    •                                 Maybe if it happens again, better facilitation for ice-breakers and opening up discussion topics
    •                                 Some great networking between the schools (ppl from both Haverford and Swat were there J)
    •                                 Ecosphere – at Swat – provide space for representatives from each green club to meet every month and network and communicate
      • Difficult to keep up interest because no specific goal; not moving toward a specific end
      • Bring a topic that is of interest to green clubs – member retention, connections with faculty and staff, bigger voice on campus, etc

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