Minutes 2012 December 05

Greens Meeting 12-5-12


Saturday, December 8th at 1pm – Bike Repair Workshop in Rhodes Basement :)


Rose or Thorn of semester:

Solidifying the mission of Greens

More organized this year – more focused as a group


Upcoming series of meetings with all green groups around campus


Ideas for next semester:


-Get together around food with Greens and Batten House :)

-Food week??

-Once-a-month get together with all other green groups around campus

-Workshop with Fem-Co?? EJL??

-Doing some kind of contest around green stuff

Something like “I need environmentalism because…”

Photo contest of people doing green stuff – hugging a tree, etc

Or something else

-Help give the senior cocktails a green theme


Brainstorming Ideas for the BIG Green Groups Meeting


-Have each group talk about what they view as their role on campus in terms on environmentalism; their mission as a group; their projects

-Doing feedback of sorts to other green groups

-Split into smaller groups and do an activity around brainstorming a project?


-Invite groups that fall outside of traditional “green” groups

Sisterhood, Mujeres, BACaSO, Fem Co, religious groups


Green groups and who will reach out to them:

Batten – Karen

Beekeeping – Michaela

Bike Co-Op – Becca and Melanie

Campus Greening Rep (works directly with Ed Harmon on Grounds) – Maiya

Earth Justice League – Meg

Environmental Studies minor group (Ellen, Maggie, Hannah Rosebrock, Jacinda, Ellie) – Meg



Recycling Committee – April

Sustainability Leadership Group – Michaela

Sustainability Intern – Michaela

Sustainable Food Committee – Karen

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