Minutes 2012 November 07

Hi All!

Here are notes from tonight’s meeting!


Sustainability Tea at 9pm tomorrow!! (Thursday the 8th) At the Campus Center. Hosted by the recycling committee
BYOM – bring your own mug

ES Mixer at 4:30-6:30pm on Tuesday the 13th!!!! At the Campus Center. Hosted by the Environmental Studies senior seminar.


Sustainability Coordinator:
-Karen and Lee met with Ed Harman (head of grounds) and Deb (from facilities) about specifics in how a sustainability coordinator could greatly enhance the Bryn Mawr campus
-Ed has a lot of sustainability project ideas but doesn’t have the time to get all of them going
-Deb brought up the point that someone who can help carry over student sustainable, green projects would help move projects along more quickly
-Found a previously put together job description for a sustainability coordinator
-Have some descriptions from other colleges
-Have to figure out who this person would report to and under what department

We will make a google doc to share links for job descriptions of sustainability coordinators at other colleges and places – Karen will send out a link and please add to it!! 

Next meeting – coming up with a description of how a sustainability coordinator would help Greens
Networking with other green groups on campus
-Idea!! Once a meeting, Greens invites all other green groups to the Greens meeting to promote communication and networking
-Stress that at least one rep from each groups remains consistent
-Green groups: EJL, Garden, Bike Co-op, Greens, Recycling Committee, Sustainable Food Committee, Campus Greening representatives, Batten House, ES senior seminar, environmental 360s and other academic groups, beekeeping,

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