Minutes 2012 April 25

Accomplishments throughout the year:

  • Movie screenings
  • Earth Day
  • Food Week
  • Marcellus Shale
  • Stuff for frosh
  • Composting trials
  • Garden!


Roses of the year:

  • Awesome cohesion
  • YERT screening
  • E-board was really open to frosh/other newbies taking on responsibilities/roles
  • Making videos
  • Collaboration with other groups
  • Was easie


Thorns of the year – things to improve on:

  • Concerns that not everyone got to do what they wanted to do; that Greens didn’t do everything that everyone wanted to do
  • Membership
  • Changing the culture at BM in terms of engagement
    • Creating a culture around the environment; engaging with it; protecting it, etc
    • Stronger campaigns  – make events more connected/cohesive
    • Outreach for new members

Next Year:

  • One main campaign that Greens does
  • Use our connections with the administration more
  • Organizing (based on emily’s workshop)
  • Changing the conversation around environmental issues
  • Year-long discussion like “Class Dismissed”
  • Survey to find out students’ interests
  • Meet and greet with Tri-Co environmental professors
  • Food Week in fall? (Ellen Stroud’s idea)
  • Sustainability leadership ground – match up to students/profs with prospies


Bike Share:

  • Budgeting for sharing budgeting
  • Sofia’s dad can help fix bikes if need help


Friday – 1-4 pm: 360 sustainability presentation

Environmental Science party next week with Ellen!


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