Minutes 2012 October 31

Greens Meeting October 31, 2012


Bikes: Event next weekend (Saturday, 1-4 pm):

Super basic bike safety and repair (fix a flat, brakes, chains, cables, etc.)

Will probably only take about 2 hours, but we’ll be around for an extra hour for questions and such.

It’s Parents’ Weekend, so it’s okay to bring parents!


Minutes 2012 October 24

Greens Meeting 10-24-12



What does “green” mean to you?

Recycle Buzz word Carbon footprint Green washing (cool) Justification for consumption (if a product is labeled “green”, it’s ok to consume) More than just green products 1st world problem Branding Green practices interfering with comfort and convenience


What role do institutions play? Which […]

Minutes 2012 October 10


Greens Meeting


Environmental Forum – TUESDAY the 23rd at 8PM in PEM EAST COMMON ROOM


Theme: “Green is for Everyone”


Brainstorm about ideas/stereotypes regarding environmentalism and being green

Discussion Qs:

What does “green” mean to you? Why is “being green” important to you? What’s already going on around campus?

What we […]

Minutes 2012 October 03

Greens Meeting 10/3/12

Garden Announcement! Field trip this Saturday to Weaver’s Way (urban farm in Philly). Please email Maiya at mdk fifiosdj@BMC by Friday if you would like to go!

Flyering Responsibilities:

Can possibly give to Res Life and they will put them in HAs’ mailboxes for dorms Karen: Batten Angela Blatc: Merion and Taylor […]

Minutes 2012 September 26

Greens Meeting 9/26/12


Introductions led by Karen Leitner, our wonderful Vice President!


Introducing our new Publicity Chair: April! She is from a city about an hour away from Shanghai in China. She was inspired to become a part of Greens because of intense pollution in a large lake by her city that was […]