Minutes 2012 October 31

Greens Meeting October 31, 2012


Bikes: Event next weekend (Saturday, 1-4 pm):

Super basic bike safety and repair (fix a flat, brakes, chains, cables, etc.)

Will probably only take about 2 hours, but we’ll be around for an extra hour for questions and such.

It’s Parents’ Weekend, so it’s okay to bring parents!

Location to be determined.

Check your email for more details!


Green Tour: The ES senior seminar is working on designing a “green tour” for admitted students events.


Garden: Most of the plants were damaged by the hurricane, so there will be some maintenance this Friday from 2-4 pm.


The Monday after Thanksgiving (in the afternoon), there will be a field trip to a Norristown middle school. RSVP to Maiya as soon as she sends out an email.


Green Coordinator: Lee has an internship with the college, in part to update the sustainability aspect of the college website.


They have established a green events calendar. Send activities to greenevents@brynmawr.edu, preferably early Monday morning for events that week.


Maybe we should consider having a listserv, especially one that includes Haverford events (not only academic ones).


Lots of opportunity to have more collaboration among campus groups. The next step is to ask for a green coordinator, could be shared with Haverford.

Important to have more institutional memory than a student could have.

No infrastructure in place for a coordinator.

Contact Melanie Bowman who has already worked for the college in this way.

The job would include more than what a student could do, needs job experience.

Look at other schools who have coordinators. Look at Swarthmore’s job description.


Phase 1: background research on what this position would mean

Phase 2: get everyone on campus excited (letter-writing campaign)àWho are the letters to? Should we do a Plenary resolution?

Phase 3: If they say yes, celebration, if they say no, escalation (what would this look like?)


When is the budget established? What’s our timeline like?


Who do we meet with to figure out decision-makers? Maybe this can be established during research one-to-ones.


What are some tasks we would like to have  a coordinator do?


Greens could have a role in: encouraging student excitement, writing a letter, using club’s influence as an environmental leader to help push for the position, and helping to power map and plan the campaign.


Involved parties:

Dining Hall (Sustainable Foods Committee)

Facilities (Recycling Committee)

CEO (Kelly Sheard, Ellie, Nell)

Grounds (Ed Harmon)



Margaret Kelly

Professors (Victor Donnay, Don Barber, Ellen Stroud, more!)


Remember to bring in interested students to these meetings.


Task!: look up a case study at another school and report back next meeting. Email your school choice to Lee (lmcclenon@brynmawr.edu)


Steps forward from E-Forum: Next meeting!


Suggestion Box: Next meeting!

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