Minutes 2012 October 03

Greens Meeting 10/3/12

Garden Announcement! Field trip this Saturday to Weaver’s Way (urban farm in Philly). Please email Maiya at mdk fifiosdj@BMC by Friday if you would like to go!

Flyering Responsibilities:

  • Can possibly give to Res Life and they will put them in HAs’ mailboxes for dorms
  • Karen: Batten
  • Angela Blatc: Merion and Taylor
  • Su Oner: Park and Pem West
  • Betsy Helm: Radnor and Campus Center
  • Karunya Venugopal: English House and Russian Center
  • Michaela: Thomas and Rhoads
  • Lee: Dalton and Brecon
  • Meg: Haffner and dining hall and Pem East
  • Sofia: Erdman and dining hall and Denbigh
  • Debora: Rock
  • Maiya: Bettws-y-Coed



  • Tuesday, October 23rd at 8pm in Pem East Common Room


  • Challenge the traditional and stereotypical ideas about “green”
  • Individual responsibility – knowing that you have an impact, what you do matters
  • Leave with one new piece of information
  • What do you want to talk about in daily life?

Conversation Ideas

  • Start with handing out notecards for questions at any point and then collect at the end
  • What is sustainability/green/etc?
  • Advertising on campus – what’s an environmentally friendly way to do it? – Angela
  • Eco-justice: that environmentalism isn’t just about saving the environment but also intersects with many social inequities – brought up by Lee
  • Questions around guilt and environmentalism – being green is for everyone
  • What can Green (clubs) do for you?
  • End with Q&A


Election Flyering:

  • Collaborate with EJL to split national and local candidates


Green Corps Event and Flyering: October 11 at 7pm

  • Green Corps is a field organizing training program that works with environmental groups nationwide; college grads work for a year for Green Corps, getting hands-on training and experience for environmental campaigns

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