Minutes 2012 September 26

Greens Meeting 9/26/12


Introductions led by Karen Leitner, our wonderful Vice President!


Introducing our new Publicity Chair: April! She is from a city about an hour away from Shanghai in China. She was inspired to become a part of Greens because of intense pollution in a large lake by her city that was a huge sightseeing attraction and provided water to her city. But due to the industrial and agricultural waste and pollution, it was no longer usable and completely changed how people got their water. Witnessing this helped motivate her to notice and appreciate nature and its beauty more and work toward fighting against and preventing environmental pollution and waste.


Our Web-mistress: Emily! She maintains and updates our webpage :)


Organizing something around the election this fall:

-Most people seemed very interested in doing something leading up to the election in November

Possible ideas:

-Collaborating with the Earth Justice League because this group is going forward with doing an informational sheet highlighting Obama’s and Romney’s positions on environmental issues

-Focusing just on the Green Party since they are the environmental political group

-Doing informational/educational stuff during our meetings

-We decided to table this until next meeting so people can think about what exactly they would be interested in pursuing.


Brainstorm about Goals this semester:

-Work on cultivating a sense of personal responsibility and accountability on campus

-Getting rid of Styrofoam take-out containers

-Preventing food waste (inspired by old-school war posters about not wasting food)

-Collaborate with recycling committee

-Recycle ART

-Celebrate success/reduction about getting rid of cups

-Signs on computers-turn off to save energy; turn off chargers

-Tri-co sustainability forum

-Getting a Sustainability Coordinator – perhaps a letter writing campaign from all groups and individuals who work around sustainability


Bike Co-Op:

We gauged interest and there were a few people very interested in working personally with the Bike Co-Op :)

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